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Do you have passion?

While setting up my website, I had in the back of my mind what I wanted my first blog post to be about. I thought to find some really cool wrongful conviction case, breakdown the evidence, where the investigation went wrong, and the glorious news of an exoneration, which I will do, but for my first post, I wanted to speak from my heart to yours!

Some of you know me, and some don’t, but here’s the important thing, I’m just like you! Yep, I may be a writer, which makes me a bit different, but not so much! I had a passion! I wanted to shed light on the fractured justice system, but for years, never knew how! Bingo… write a novel! HA! I never, and I mean never, thought I’d be published! Sure, I’d heard over the years that writing is a gift of mine, but still… how many really talented writers’ write novels that never leave their shelf? I can tell you, thousands!

In addition, the King of the world, Jesus Christ, ordained this for me! But, He also ordained something special for you, too! You see, scripture tells us we were created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which were prepared in advance for us. (Ephesians 2:10)

I don’t know where this notion that we are merely here to exist came from, but it’s not true! You were destined for greatness! To shine brightly in a world of darkness! To share your gifts with others, whether that’s art, writing, singing, cooking, gardening, encouraging, teaching, serving, or whatever else we can do– share it!

Bottom line, don’t waste the only life you’ve been given! Take chances! Never be afraid of failure! I promise, I received many “no’s” some weren’t even nice about it! I heeded their advice, and submitted again, or moved on and submitted elsewhere! Take a leap of faith! Follow your passions! Don’t sell yourself short! Live this life to the absolute fullest!

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