This is the place where most put a list of accolades to impress you but that's not me. The truth is, I'm just like you! I'm a normal, average woman who said yes to Jesus when He placed the first novel on my heart. I believe I've been given the gift of the written word. In fact, I've always thoroughly enjoyed writing, but never imagined I'd publish a novel. I love books, but still the thought of becoming an author wasn't in my five-year or even ten-year plan. Yet, here I sit, an author humbled that Christ would use a sinner like me to illustrate His love within a story. If one soul comes to know and love Jesus through my stories, I've done my part!

Here's a little about me...

I'm head over heels for Jesus! I love Him, completely! I study His word as often as I can and find it entirely captivating and mind-blowing! I'm married to a great man, for nearly ten years, and I have two amazing children. I've been blessed with great parents who've helped me become who I am today. My church family is remarkable! The circle of women in our women's prayer group are the cream of the crop. I have two dogs, Bonnie & Bella!

My background includes investigative positions at child-protective services, the public defender's office, and the Oklahoma Innocence Project (OIP). It was during my time with OIP that I began to develop a deep passion for wrongful convictions. I saw firsthand that the criminal justice system, which is supposed to be this country's great leveler, can go so terribly wrong. I was like a sponge, sucking up information on case-after-case of mistakes, ego trips, false confessions, prosecutorial misconduct, eye-witness misidentification, and human error, which resulted in a person spending decades behind bars when they were completely innocent. 

I'll continue writing until I'm unable to do so. I plan to utilize what I've learned during my case investigations and turn the knowledge into fiction.

Thank you, reader friend, for taking a chance on a first-time author. I'm humbled. I’d love to connect with you! Find me on Facebook or Twitter! I'd also love to hear your thoughts on my first novel, Deadly Opposition. 

With Love,




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