The memories unfold like a movie reel in her mind. The gurney. The bright lights. The white walls. The innocent man, restrained, an IV line secured in his right arm. It was death row, unremarkable, but scary. “Continue your work,” was the last words he spoke to her before the state of Texas executed him, which marked the first loss of her career.


Roxanne Hollis is a head-strong, successful private investigator with a passion for wrongful convictions. Her team consists of Sam Rollins and Seth Carmichael, corporate lawyers who litigate problematic cases pro-bono.


The Blackwell family achieved the American dream. Their lives were snuffed out on an otherwise normal evening. Unknowingly escaping the same fate, their live-in nanny, Cassandra Lovejoy, finds herself on trial, facing triple homicide.


Fifteen years later, Sam acquires the case, certain of Cassandra’s innocence, but he needs Roxy’s savvy-investigative talents to prove it. Along with her doubts of overturning a conviction, an unbeknownst, long-held love interest further complicates her life. Can she handle the demands of a case and a romantic relationship?


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